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About Us

About Us

S2S has been active since 2005 and specializes in analysis, planning, developing and integrating systems and technologies that offer personalized software solutions.
We assist our clients and partners in the understanding of its needs and together we determine the most appropriate solution.

S2S collaboraqtes with businesses and partners to specialize its offer in:

  • Development and business growth solutions
  • Change management support


  • Projects of integration in technological-organization and organization development
  • Informatical applicationconsulting
  • Development of products in support of business core processes


Changing, together

The people are the heart of our organization. At S2S we believe in an open and inclusive working environment, where anyone can cultivate its own potential and realize its own ambition. Integrity and constant professional growth are the fundamentals in which our organization is based.
For this reason we invest in selective activities and formation