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Design Thinking: Digitalizing the PA

icona calendario26 May 2022

immagine Design Thinking: Digitalizing the PA

The process of progressive digitization of people’s habits has accelerated in recent years and the most attentive public administrations have responded by undertaking a path of innovation at all levels.
The first step was to design for the people, for citizens and their needs and figures such as the Service Designer or the User researcher are gaining more and more space in the design of public and private services. At the same time, digital platforms must also demonstrate that they can withstand the change underway and be able to respond to the needs of institutions.
Thanks to the experience of GialloCobalto and RedTurtle we have told you how RIOS can support all the actors of public administrations, supporting the creation of innovative products that really put the user at the center of the design.

  • 00:00 Introduction – PNRR, Design and Public Administration
  • 08:32 Gianantonio Vecelli – Service Design and Design Thinking for the PA
  • 21:50 Omar Aleotti – The project for the Municipality of Parma
  • 33:00 Conclusion