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Digital Humanities: technologies for education

icona calendario21 June 2022

immagine Digital Humanities: technologies for education

In this fourth appointment with OSTime we talk about Graph-AI, or the science that combines graph database technology with artificial intelligence algorithms.
An approach usually linked to areas such as fraud detection, forensic investigations, pharmaceutical and financial analysis, however, graph-AI can also be used in other contexts, such as Digital Humanities.
Paolo Sirito, Information systems manager @ Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, and Alberto De Lazzari, Chief Scientist of Larus. They will talk about how it’ s possible to use these technologies also in the field of research, allowing to identify hidden relationships and provide researchers with a tool capable of exploring a “wider context”, on which to do their research, allowing them to evaluate more possibilities of connection.
In particular, we will discover The Galileo.XAI platform, capable of putting in relation researchers, their research fields, publications and their content in a knowledge graph.
Enjoy the video!