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Get more from your Business Insight team
It offers users, internal and external, powerful and customizable Business Insight tools that deliver optimal results in record time.

The Analytics team becomes more productive by using self-service tools.

Spend less time on problematic approaches to data and handling reporting requests and more time on those value-added activities, including data science.

Incorporate AI and ML into your workflows

Keep up with trends with real-time analysis of the company’s business topics.
Leverage predictive insights into decision making through the data science tools included in the framework and / or built ad-hoc.

Discover new insights through data visualization
Anselm transforms data into visualizations that make it easier to understand and quickly find answers to business needs. Interactive dashboards can be easily shared and explored by multiple people.

Explore data with interactive filters to quickly find all the answers to your business needs.

Create live views in minutes with the many layouts available out-of-the box.

Technologies used: S2S Data Grinder (Data Validation, Data pre-processing); Elasticsearch (Indexing); Dremio (data lake, data flattening, conversion, etc.); Superset (data visualization & Insight); S2S Data Forecasting (Data Knowledge & Insight).