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S2S has created the ORO portal on commission of FISE ACAP.

The creation of ORO, a portal dedicated to safety in the motorway work sector, represents for the association – at the same time – a milestone reached and a new starting point.
A goal because it represents the synthesis of the work of the Safety Commission of FISE ACAP. A work that lasted five years and developed through a constant, competent and open discussion between the heads of the prevention service of the companies adhering to FISE ACAP.

ORO is also a starting point, because the use of more advanced communication technologies, such as a portal, truly becomes an enabling factor for success in achieving the goal.

An initiative which, making use of the collaboration of member companies, has as its main objective the consolidation of the culture of prevention to increase the protection of occupational risks through the adoption of a shared system of good practices.

All this, providing companies with a state-of-the-art support tool for the control and autonomous management of training. This support network is called “ORO – zero risk objective”, which in 2014 became a web portal.
Here, even companies outside the sector can have access to excellent tools in staff training, and can take advantage of the experience of FISE ACAP.
A virtuous circle in constant growth, therefore, capable of producing concrete results for the benefit of prevention.
S2S has conceived, created and currently maintains the ORO portal, contributing, with its group of professionals, to copywriting, to the management and evolution of the contents and of the graphic form.