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S2S has contributed to founding RIOS(Rete Italiana Open Source) and so it develops all the products and projects with Open Source technology.
“Open Source is a phenomenon born of an ideology that is strongly in contrast with the rules of traditional business, the demand was mainly taken into consideration in its consumer component and in its public component. More recently, however, Open Source has purified itself of purely ideological considerations, also allowing companies to evaluate it as a possible alternative to traditional owned products.”
These considerations, taken from an article by Matteo Marzotto and Elisa Bozzoli – both from the Information Systems Area of SDA Bocconi – published in Economia e Management n.ro 1/2006, briefly highlight what is happening in the technology of information and communication sector : the use of open components is now an opportunity that also interests large companies, both users and producers of software, and has become a stable element of comparison for the technologies to be used in the industrial development of software; no longer an “ideological” choice, in fact, but the pragmatic and technically reliable response to the demand for effective and competitive solutions.

Open Source is:

  • Security – The open and inspectable code protects the applications from undeclared and unwelcome actions
  • Transparency – Administrative transparency is also that of processes and data processing (see also Open Data and Open Government)
  • Integrability – Applications designed to relate to others. Availability of OS connectors and plug-ins
  • Economy – No lock-in, subscriptions to real services.