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S2S srl is a software house capable of providing client companies with a high-level software development service. We are able to develop applications from scratch, starting from the customer’s needs or, updating existing ones to modernize them. Our experts are ready to propose the best solutions for management, for the development and maintenance of websites and for clients/servers.

The work phases in which we develop our projects are:

  • Analysis and collection of requirements: the context and the main characteristics of the software to be developed are defined in this phase. It is very important to accurately define the level of interaction between users and the application to offer an adequate browsing experience
  • Planning: describes how to build the solution by defining the general architecture and the structure of the individual components
  • Development: it is the phase in which the project is carried out. What was established in the previous phases becomes software code capable of satisfying the identified requirements
  • Testing and Debugging: software development moves on to the testing phase, also known as “testing”, to verify that the requirements defined in the analysis phase are met and that no errors occur. In the event that the “tester” finds anomalies, defined as “bugs”, it will be up to the developer to solve the problems in the code that cause these errors
  • Deployment: the software is ready to be published in a stable version and made available to users. This phase may also include the installation and configuration of the Software on the machines that make up the technological infrastructure that will be used by the end user. The term deployment also refers to the release of the Software into a test environment, necessary to proceed with testing and debugging
  • Maintenance: when the software has been released and users have started using it, the usual corrective and/or evolutionary maintenance activities are activated, necessary to improve the product and make it stable over time.

Some of our activities

Case 1 An airport management company asked us to develop a workforce management application
Case 2 In a central body of the PAL we participated in the development of the Open Data portal
Case 3 An important consultancy and financial statement certification company asked us to modernize and adapt an application for evaluating NPLs (Not Performing Loans)
Case 4 A leading publishing company involved us in the functional adaptation and technological improvement of system of sale contracts
Case 5 A company that deals with management and accounting of multimedia content subject to copyright has asked us to migrate the software architecture from Web CMS to Spring Rest API services
Case 6 A central Public Administration Body involved us in a project to update and adapt its portals on Drupal technology