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Innovation for everyone.

Ploovium was born from the desire to create a reliable preventive planning tool, within everyone’s reach, both in economic and technological terms. The plans don’t have to be entered manually, but are generated and updated by teh software automatically, taking into account at all times the history of the crop, sensor(one per area) and geo-localized weather forecasts on the company.
This is possible because Ploovium is based on a set of Analytics, AI, Big Data Managment, detection sensor and mechanical acttuator technologies. This collective is enriched by a specific “ontological knowledge” for the agricultural sector, and the constant updating of Ploovium also in relation to geo-localized weather forecasts for the company.
Thanks to the sum of all these elements, processed and analyzed in real time, Ploovium is ableto predict the weather behaveour of each land for the next 5 days with an accuracy normally greater than 99%, updating the forecast every hour. And all this at affordable costs even for small businesses. The methodology, the process, and the AI algorythm settings are patented in Italy (N° N. 102019000009735) and the patent application was filed in Europe, USA, India and Israel.

Maximum customization of forecasts.

Ploovium is unique, not only for each farm but for each area and for the life of that specific crop. Once activatted, in fact, in a few days Ploovium learns about the water footprint of each area, with the crop present at that time(or without crop, in the periods preceding sowing), analyzes the phenological phase, and constantly detects the water balance of the soil. A customization that, added to a very precise geolocation of the terrain with personalized weather forecasts, becomes the precious knowledge that allows Ploovium to know the current situation, predict future conditions and put into practice the best solutions to maximize yields and minimize risks and costs.