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Sistema della Sicurezza is a software developed to offer a complete solution in the management of onerous legal obligations under the D.Lgs. 81/08.

The product foresees the “multi-company/multi-settlement” management, that allows to coordinate the activities of more businesses/settlements belonging to the same group, the same way that different territories legally belong to one company.

The process model follows the fundamental elements specified by the International Standard ISO 45001:2018 and has all the requirements listed by art. 30 of D.LG. 81/2008 so it results with the ones suitable for having an exempt efficacy: that is able to protect the society and this eligibility has to be approved by a judge that has to examine it.

In this sense, the system is proposed as a valid support to certified companies or those wishing to undertake the certification process.

Sistema della Sicurezza is available as Open Source license.