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S2S releases version 6.0 of Sistema della Sicurezza with GPL license

It’s the beginning of S2S’s foolish revolution: release products in Open Source model, not a base or weakened version, instead the most recent and complete version of the software can be used, modified and eventually released, to let it it used by others and the upgrades created generate a virtuous circuit in evolution of the products. It’s the Open Source rule.
This behaviour introduces benefits for all the actors involved: the “customer” businesses, become independent from the producer that grows, with the developer “community”.
From today it’s possible to obtain 6.0 version of Sistema della Sicurezza by contacting info@s2sprodotti.it without any cost. The absence of costs for license is an incidental benefit in the adoption of the Open Source software; the biggest privilege comes from the fall of the so called lock-in.
In the contained product it contains the source: anybody can see how the software is made, modify it, implement it etc… all without having to depend on any technocrat.
Naturally S2S is available to act as guarantor through its services: the Protection Program, that guarantees days of support to be delivered over time; the Subscription Program that has the same characteristic of a usual maintenance contract; consumer services for training in use and maintenance or following the client in the development of new functionalities.
In any case nothing is mandatory: S2S couldn’t know who is using its products in the moment, on other words no constraints.
For more information, contact us.