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Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence

icona calendario22 March 2022

immagine Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence

What we talked about

Technological innovation for a sustainable use of water resources in agriculture is part of the PNRR framework. We have observed how it is possible to apply a correct management of water resources for cultivated land, obtaining great strategic and environmental benefits.
Thanks to the intervention of Giuseppe Marziano we have seen how to know in real time the water behavior of the “soil/crop” system and predict exactly when it is about to enter into water stress, in order to plan the irrigation intervention safely and in advance. The adaptive decision support that was presented predicts the real need for irrigation five days in advance with over 99% reliability and water and cost savings of up to 50%.

The details of this first meeting

The Speaker

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Modern Literature, he began a master’s degree in Humanities Computing at the University of Pisa, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied to human language (Natural Language Processing). In July 2021 he began his journey with S2S, focusing on Information Retrieval (Elasticsearch) and Business Intelligence systems.

The Technological Focus

Starting from context data and from the analysis of typical events of the functional domain, we investigated how it is possible to manage the optimization and the deployment of (limited) resources in a predictive and productive way.

The guests of the event

Starting from an introduction on PNRR, we have explored how Open Source technologies can be included in the indications provided by the National Plan, supporting innovation and change. In the final part of the episode a round table was held in which it will be possible to summarize what has been addressed and leave room for any comparisons and questions.

Participants of the discussion:

  • Anna Stevanato – Head of Marketing @Larus
  • Claudio La Bella – Legal Spegialist @RedTurtle
  • Valentina Del Prete – Offer Manager @Rios – General Manager @Seacom
  • Cosmo Pepe – Commercial Manager @Rios – CoFounder @S2S